Evolution video by Carl Sagan

This man was beyond his time… i remember watching his tv series “Cosmos: A personal voyage” in the early 80s. it was fantastically entertaining. Biology, physics, astronomy, geography, mathetmatics, history, philosophy… all branches of knowledge combined to make life more meaningful and understandable. Yet, it let us know that there is so much we don’t know and are far away from understanding.

i would sit and watch this show for hours… recording each episode in our betamax. smaller tapes that vhs, but of better quality… a perfect example of evolution but not by capacity or skill, but by marketability and economic forces.

i then received as a christmas gift the book version of this wonderful story. I read this book so many times, underlining ideas i didn’t understand and trying to find out more about them. it never got old.

i truly wish there were TV series or books that could inspire imagination and thirst for knowledge the way these did. Dr. Sagan, with his infectious voice, made everything sound so interesting and clear. concepts so infinitively complex and difficult were made to be simple and reasonable, even to me.

thank you for your work and passion. i owe my desire to learn and be a better person in part to your help.


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